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Business Management

Numerous research projects are undertaken by the Department every year both nationally and locally. The major findings of selected research projects will be published on this site. 


Prof E Venter

  • Entrepreneurship, Small and Medium Size Businesses, Family Businesses, Marketing

Prof S Farrington

  • Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management, Service employees and Service Management

Prof  NE Mazibuko

  • Marketing, Organisational Behaviour, ESOPS

Prof EE Smith

  • Training, Management, Organisational Behaviour/Change, Human Resources

Prof S Perks

  • Tourism, SMMEs, marketing and sustainability

Prof C Rootman

  • Marketing Services, Relationship Marketing, Financial Services, Finance

Dr J Kruger

  • Tourism, E-commerce, Marketing, Strategy, Finance

Dr Nadine Oosthuizen

  • Online Mentoring, Female Business Development, Purchasing & Logistics, Marketing Management

Ms Shelley Saunders

  • Family Business, Marketing, Entrepreneurship

Mr Tony Matchaba-Hove

  • Entrepreneurial Orientation, African Family Businesses, Financial Planning, Financial Services