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Business Management

EBM201: Credit value 14

Marketing Management

  • An overview of marketing
  • Analysing the marketing environment
  • Consumer decision-making
  • Assessing the competitive situation
  • Information for marketing decision-making and marketing research
  • Segmenting and targeting markets
  • Positioning the firm and its products
  • Product decisions
  • Developing and managing products
  • Marketing channels and the role of intermediaries
  • The promotional strategy and marketing communication
  • Implementing promotional mix strategies
  • Pricing concepts and setting the right price
  • Putting it all together: The strategic marketing plan

EBM202: Credit value 14

Purchasing and Logistics Management

  • The purchasing function in perspective
  • Purchasing procedures, systems and technology
  • The tasks of purchasing management, quality management and value analysis
  • Suppliers, purchasing strategies and policies
  • Determining purchasing prices
  • International purchasing, and purchasing from small businesses
  • Negotiation in purchasing
  • Purchasing of capital equipment

Specific logistics component

  • Inventory management
  • The materials required planning (MRP) system
  • Materials budgeting
  • Physical components of materials management
  • Logistics and supply chain management
  • Strategic supply chain management and competitive advantage
  • Logistics activities
  • Inbound logistics
  • Outbound logistics
  • Global logistics
  • Future trends in logistics 

EBM203: Credit value 14

Marketing Communications Management

  • Overview of integrated marketing communications
  • Marketing communications process
  • Environmental and regulatory issues in marketing
  • Ethical issues in marketing communications
  • The communications process and fundamentals of buying behaviour
  • Persuasion in marketing communications
  • New product adoption and marketing communications
  • Brand names, logo’s, packages and point-of-purchase materials
  • Overview of advertising management
  • Creative advertising strategy
  • Message appeals and endorsers in advertising
  • Analysis of advertising media
  • Media strategy
  • Assessing advertising effectiveness
  • Overview of sale promotion management
  • Direct marketing and database marketing
  • Public relations and sponsorship marketing
  • Personal selling fundamentals

EBM201 is a prerequisite for EBM203