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Business Management

EBM301: Credit value 24

Financial Management

  • Introduction to financial management
    • An overview of financial management
    • The financial environment: markets, institutions, interest rates and taxes
  • Financial forecasting, planning and control
    • Analysis of financial statements
    • Financial planning and control
  • Essential concepts in financial management
    • Risk and required returns
    • The time value of money
    • Valuation of the firm
  • Capital budgeting
    • Project cash flows and risk
    • Capital budgeting decision criteria
  • Required rates of return, leverage and dividend policy
    • Cost of capital: The required rate of return for capital investments
    • Capital structure
    • Dividend policy
  • Management of working capital
    • Working capital policy
    • Managing short-term assets and liabilities

EBM302: Credit value 24

General and Strategic Management

  • An overview of management
    • Contemporary management in a dynamic environment / The evolution of management thought
  • Planning for a dynamic environment
    • Strategic planning and strategy formulation
    • Managing the environment
    • Ethics and corporate social responsibility
  • Strategic decision-making
    • Decision-making / Planning and decision-making aids
  • Organising and design
    • Human resources management
  • Leading
    • Motivating for performance
    • Dynamics of leadership
    • Communication
    • Groups and teams
    • Organisational culture and workforce diversity
    • Organisational innovation and change
  • Controlling

EBM304: Credit value 12

Internet Marketing Strategies:

  • Web business models
  • The nature of the online custome
  • Customer support and online quality
  • Contextualisation
  • Traffic and brand building
  • Privacy in an online environment
  • Internet marketing plans


EBM201, 203 and WRWD201 are prerequisites for EBM304 and WRWD202 is a co-requisite


EBM305: Credit value 24

International Marketing Management and Strategy

  • The strategic marketing management process
  • The emerging importance of international marketing
  • The international marketing environment
    • Cultural environment
    • Economic environment
    • Financial environment
    • International political and legal environments
  • International marketing entry strategies
    • Exporting
    • Franchising
    • Licensing
    • Direct investment
    • Strategic alliances
  • International marketing strategies
    • Adaptation vs standardisation
    • Pricing strategies
    • Channels and distribution strategies
    • Promotional strategies
    • Logistics
  • Marketing, organisation, implementation and control

EBM201 and 203 are prerequisites for EBM305