Below is a list of all the modules offered by the Department of Business Management. To receive more information on a module, click on its name to be directed to that module's information page on the Nelson Mandela University's module browser. Alternatively, consult the Departmental Booklet.

NOTE: There is a system error regarding the lecturer(s) for some modules. To receive the correct and most up-to-date lecturer information for a module, please consult the Departmental Booklet or our Staff page.

NOTE: In addition to the modules listed below, our BCom programmes also consist of modules that are facilitated by other departments within the Faculty of Business and Economic Sciences, as well as other faculties. For more information on these modules, please contact the department responsible for them or search for them using the module browser.


Undergraduate Modules

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Third year modules


Postgraduate Modules

Honours in Business Management modules


Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Planning modules

Contact information
Ms Sumaiya Sidat
Lecturer in Business Management and Departmental Social Media Coordinator
Tel: 041 504 4102

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