Ms Sumaiya Sidat (Junior Lecturer) and Mr Luyolo Mahlangabeza (Lecturer) are members of the Early Career Academics Advancement Programme (ECAAP), and their stories were featured in the recently published 3rd issue of the 2021 ECAAP newsletter. They both reflected on their respective journeys thus far and discussed some of the difficulties they experienced as aspiring academics during a global pandemic.


The mission of the ECAAP is to support early-career academics in fulfilling the roles and responsibilities of an academic at Nelson Mandela University. The purpose of the programme is to enable early-career academics’ professional development, instilling in them skills, knowledge(s), and abilities that are required to advance their academic careers.


To read Ms Sidat and Mr Mahlangabeza’s write-ups, download the ECAAP newsletter to the right of this page.


Contact information
Mr Luyolo Mahlangabeza
Lecturer in Business Management
Tel: 041 504 1392

Ms Sumaiya Sidat
Contract Junior Lecturer in Business Management
Tel: 041 504 4102

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