An outcome of the international collaborative project between Nelson Mandela University, the University of Pretoria and Ghent University (Belgium) titled: Improving student entrepreneurship support at South African universities in order to mitigate youth unemployment and funded by VLIR-UOS, was the development of a Student Entrepreneurship Support (SES) Assessment Tool. 


Prof Shelley Farrington (Department of Business Management) and Mr Riyaad Ismail (University of Antwerp; NMU Alumnus), together with the Madibaz Youth Entrepreneurship Lab (MYEL) and ICT Services have teamed up to implement the SES Assessment Tool at Nelson Mandela University. The tool will enable the university to gauge itself in terms of best practices relating to seven elements in a university-based student entrepreneurship ecosystem. Because the use of the Tool is longitudinal in nature, the university will be able to administer the survey annually and compare its current results to those of previous year’s and with national averages. By using the SES Assessment Tool and the survey results generated, stakeholders at Nelson Mandela University will have access to data that can assist them in improving and structuring the implementation of entrepreneurial support for students at the university. An annual survey by staff and students will increase awareness of the support that is available to student entrepreneurs at the university, and will encourage an awareness of entrepreneurship in general.

All Nelson Mandela staff and students are encouraged to assist in implementing the SES Assessment Tool by participating in a short survey of approximately 10 minutes, which can be accessed here:



Prof Shelley Farrington (Department of Business Management) & Ms Karen Snyman (Student Governance and Development/MYEL).