Mr Riyaad Ismail, a PhD student in the Department of Business Management and lead researcher for the international project titled “Improving Student Entrepreneurship Support at South African Universities in order to Mitigate Youth Unemployment”, recently travelled to Europe to work with team members from Gent University, Belgium. During his visit, they worked on an article, as well as a Student Entrepreneurship Support (SES) Assessment Tool.


During his trip, Mr Ismail also visited several university incubators and centres for entrepreneurs. These included Durf Ondernemen (Gent, Belgium), Vrije University Demonstrator Lab and VU StartHub (Amsterdam, Netherlands), as well as Utrecht University’s Centre for Entrepreneurship and UtrechtInc (Utrecht, Netherlands). The purpose of these visits was to explore how these first world universities are supporting student entrepreneurs and to validate the SES Assessment Tool being developed. The SES Assessment Tool will be launched at this year’s 2022 Annual EDHE Lekgotla, which will be hosted by Nelson Mandela University in July.


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