The Unit for Continuing Education regularly hosts a short-learning programme (SLP) which focuses on 'Planning and Designing a Masters or Doctoral Research Proposal'.


The purpose of this SLP is to prepare current and aspiring Masters and Doctoral students from various disciplines for the development of their own research proposals, which is especially useful for those students with little or no research experience. Compiling a research dissertation or thesis is by no means simple, and this short course has been created to make the initial phase of this daunting task a little bit easier.


The SLP is facilitated by Prof Miemie Struwig and assisted by Mr Storm Watson of the Department of Business Management. The course is held fully online, with participants able to complete the course at their own pace over this period. An online certificate will also be attained upon completion.


For more information on the most recent SLP, download the 'Research Proposal SLP Brochure' on the right of this page. To apply for this short course, please visit


Contact information
Mr Storm Watson
Junior Lecturer in Business Management
Tel: 041 504 4065

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