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Business Management

EB101: Credit value 12

Introduction to Business Management and Entrepreneurship

  • The context of business management and entrepreneurship
  • The business environment
  • Entrepreneurship and new venture creation
  • Strategic business intentions: vision, mission, goals and objectives
  • The field of business activity and competitive strategies
  • Location and facility layout planning
  • Small business enterprises
  • Family business enterprises
  • Franchises
  • Towards globalisation: the development and growth of business enterprises
  • Valuation of business enterprises
  • Business ethics

EB102: Credit value 12 

Introduction to the business functions

  • Costs as a basis for planning and establishment of businesses
  • Fundamentals of management and leadership
  • Managing purchasing and inbound logistics
  • Managing production/operations and outbound logistics
  • Introduction to marketing management
  • Services marketing
  • Introduction to financial management
  • Financial decision-making
  • Managing business communications
  • Managing human resources
  • Computers and information technology
  • E-business

EBM106: Credit value 7


  • Management and entrepreneurship: Introductory views
  • Perspectives on entrepreneurship
  • The small business enterprise: Occurrence, establishment and management
  • The small enterprise and its environments
  • Entrepreneurial decisions: Deciding on the field of business
  • The vision, mission and goals of enterprises
  • Identifying feasible small business ideas
  • The choice of a form of business enterprise and the establishment procedure
  • Costs as basis for the planning and establishment of enterprises
  • General and strategic management
  • Introduction to financial management
  • The viability of a business idea
  • The business plan
  • Setting up a business