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It is a privilege to provide some information regarding the Department of Business Management at the Nelson Mandela University. This information covers all the programmes provided by the department.

Business Management entails the scientific study of how businesses are managed through the coordination, organisation, planning and controlling of business activities and resources to ensure that the needs and wants of customers are satisfied and that the business is able to achieve its financial (and other) goals. The main areas covered in Business Management are:

  • Comprehensive Introduction to the Environment of Business Management, Entrepreneurial Actions and the Establishment of Enterprises;
  • Marketing Management;
  • Logistics and Purchasing Management;
  • Financial Management; and
  • General and Strategic Management.

For any additional information or queries, please contact us: busman@mandela.ac.za

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Mission Statement 

The development of high-level human resources by:

  • equipping learners with outcomes-based knowledge and business skills;
  • committing to purposeful research;
  • maintaining a worthy academic structure; and
  • being future-orientated and receptive to the needs of our stakeholders. 


Long-Term Objectives

The long-term objectives and key values of the Department of Business Management are particularly vested in the domains of formal teaching, research, community service and strategic management.


Courses on Offer


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Contact information
Ms Nasreen Adams
Secretary - HOD and Postgraduate Studies
Tel: 27 41 504 2201

Ms Vuyokazi Vinqi
Administrative Assistant - Undergraduate Studies
Tel: 041 504 4745