The Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Planning programme has been approved in terms of the new Higher Education Qualification Sub-Framework (HEQSF). The qualification is the highest professional qualification in this field available in South Africa and will contribute to the professional competency of financial planners which will consequently make them eligible for professional membership of the Financial Planning Institute of Southern Africa and for accreditation as a Certified Financial Planner® (CFP®). The CFP® professional designation is internationally recognised as the pinnacle of educational achievement in financial planning. The Financial Planning Standards Board (FPSB) is a global body which owns the CFP® mark. In South Africa the Financial Planning Institute is the gatekeeper to the professional accreditation of CFP®.



The qualification shall extend over at least one year of full-time study on the Nelson Mandela University South Campus.

Four modules are presented in the study programme. All modules must be passed in order to receive the qualification. Each module is offered on a block week basis (1 week per module) per term (2 modules per semester).

The four compulsory modules required for the completion of this programme are:

•Semester 1 (Term 1): The Financial Planning Environment
•Semester 1 (Term 2): Personal Financial Planning
•Semester 2 (Term 3): Corporate Financial Planning
•Semester 2 (Term 4): Case Study



Examinations will take place in the normal examination sessions at the end of each semester. All modules are assessed on an open book basis with the exception of Financial Planning Environment, which is a closed book examination to test the students’ knowledge of the regulatory environment governing financial planning in South Africa. The examinations are four hours and take place on the Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth Campus of the University. Examinations comprise 70% of the final mark for each module. Students are required to achieve a minimum class mark of 40% in order to gain admission to an examination. The final pass mark is 50% per module.



An appropriate Bachelor’s degree or an Advanced Diploma at NQF Exit Level 7 or an equivalent qualification approved by Senate.



For more information on this programme, visit the official Nelson Mandela University Qualification Details page:

Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Planning (42260)