Long-Term Objectives

Formal teaching

  • To design all curriculum contents in accordance with scientific theoretical requirements as well as those of contemporary business practice.
  • To implement a variety of teaching strategies which meet the specific requirements of situational effective teaching and learning.
  • To investigate and implement on an ongoing basis new possibilities to improve teaching methods and results.



  • To establish and realise a creative research culture in the Department.


Community Service

  • To positively build up the image and identity of the Department among different stakeholders.


Strategic Management

  • To establish and realise a strategic management approach. Teamwork through a participative management style forms an important component.


Key Values

It is of the utmost importance to the members of the Department to uphold the six values of the Nelson Mandela University while pursuing the attainment of the long-term objectives of the department. The values are:

  • Diversity
  • Excellence in teaching, learning, research and engagement
  • Ubuntu
  • Social justice and equality
  • Integrity
  • Environmental stewardship