Dr Ayanda Deliwe represented the Nelson Mandela University as a guest speaker at the 3rd Annual Africa e-Learning and Technology Conference 2021, which was hosted by The Federated Management Institute.



The conference was held in Johannesburg, from the 10 - 12 March 2021, with speakers able to present virtually, given the circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. The 3-day event served to delve into the use of Technology in Education, e-Teacher Professional Development, Coding and Robotics, Choosing Technologies for Teaching and Learning, Corporate e-Learning, amongst other exciting topics. Also included in the conference were tracks, parallel sessions, demonstrations and exhibitions, together with 2 international speakers and 8 from the African continent.


Dr Deliwe presented her work-in-progress project on Day 1 of the conference, which is titled: “The Future of Higher Education Institutions”. Dr Deliwe presented some of the highlights of the project thus far, which involved discussing some of the considerations that Higher Education Institutions must make when preparing for the future of higher education. These considerations exist within five main areas/topics, which include: Emerging technologies, Data-driven institutions, Knowledge management and e-learning, New examination methods, and Customer value.


It is hoped that this exciting research can make a valuable contribution to the future of the higher education landscape.

Contact information
Dr Ayanda Deliwe
Head of Department and Senior Lecturer in Business Management
Tel: 041 504 2021