The 16th International Business Conference (IBC) was held in Swakopmund, Nambia between 24 – 27 September 2023. This year, the conference received over 283 papers and over 200 people attended the conference. A number of academics from the Department of Business Management at Nelson Mandela University were among the attendees.


Mr Sinaye Mtimba

Mr. Sinaye Mtimba contributed a significant research presentation entitled "Factors Influencing Middle-Income Black Professionals' Intentions to Seek Financial Planning Assistance." This study aimed to bridge a substantial gap in academic literature concerning the financial planning engagement of middle-income black professionals, ultimately increasing awareness and expanding industry access for the previously underserved emerging black middle class.


Ms. Nonkululeko Khumalo

Ms. Nonkululeko Khumalo delivered a presentation titled "An exploratory study into the impact of non-financial accessibility on informal-sector traders: a case study of the Umlazi community in South Africa." Her research was inspired by personal experiences and the challenges faced by her sister, a qualified Pastry Chef, in obtaining financial support in the Umlazi township. Ms. Khumalo conducted interviews with other informal sector traders in Umlazi as participants in her study. The research aimed to shed light on the imperative need for local government policy reform in the informal sector, which can, in turn, encourage financial institutions to improve access to financial support.


Prof Miemie Struwig, Mr Storm Watson and Mr Philton Abrahams

Mr. Philton Abrahams presented a paper co-authored by Mr. Storm Watson and Professor Miemie Struwig at IBC titled "Systematic review of variables influencing the saving behaviour of South Africans." The primary objective of their research was to systematically review the variables that impact South Africans' saving behaviour. The study's purpose was to utilise the identified variables to propose a comprehensive framework for understanding saving behaviour.

Notably, Mr. Philton Abrahams presented the paper on their behalf, marking his inaugural conference presentation.

Mr. Watson served as the session chair for one of the conference sessions, a first-time experience for him as well.


Prof Sandra Perks

Prof Sandra Perks delivered two noteworthy presentations during the conference:

The first presentation by Prof Perks was co-authored by Prof Janine Kruger, and Lameck Odada (Nelson Mandela University) and introduced a ground-breaking corporate governance conceptual model aimed at enhancing the non-financial performance of state-owned enterprises effectively.

The second presentation made by Prof Perks was in collaboration with Dr Danie Ferreira (Nelson Mandela University). The presentation outlined their innovative research on the development of a model for social media adoption intention, specifically tailored for effective online tourism marketing in developing nations.

Additionally, Prof Perks chaired a session in which Prof Venter presented a paper that secured the second-best paper award in its session.


Prof Elmarie Venter

Prof Elmarie Venter, presented an article (co-authored by Dr. Welcome Kupangwa and Prof Shelley Farrington) that was honoured with the Best Paper Runner-up Award. Their paper, titled "Transgenerational value transmission: Socialisation mechanisms in indigenous African business-owning families," unveiled the pivotal role of parents and extended senior family members as socialisation agents. The study demonstrated how both parental and family practices serve as effective mechanisms to facilitate transgenerational value transmission within indigenous Black South African business-owning families.