Members of the NMU Family Business Unit and Business Management’s Dr Welcome Kupangwa and Professors Shelley Farrington and Elmarie Venter received the Best Paper Runner-up Award for their paper on “Transgenerational value transmission: Socialisation mechanisms in indigenous African business-owning families” during the recent 16th International Business Conference (IBC 2023), which was hosted in Swakopmund, Namibia. 


The conference received over 283 papers and more than 200 people attended the conference.   The same team won the Best Paper Award in 2022 on:  “Values as informal institutions: the interaction between indigenous black South African family businesses and the community” at the 5th International Family Business Research Forum 2022 in Hasselt, Belgium.

In their study Dr Kupangwa and Professors Farrington and Venter showed how parents and extended senior family members are socialisation agents, and how both parental and family practices are used as socialisation mechanisms to facilitate transgenerational value transmission in indigenous Black South African business-owning families. 

This transmission is a crucial ingredient for enhancing transgenerational entrepreneurship among business-owning families. The study contributes to family business research regarding socialisation and transgenerational value transmission in an indigenous African context. The findings can indeed enhance the growth and survival of Indigenous African businesses. 


The Best Paper at the IBC conference was won by two other colleagues from the NMU Business School, Prof Andre Calitz and Prof Margaret Cullen.  Prof Cullen was part of the team who established the FBU in 2010.   Prof Venter presented the paper on behalf of Dr Kupangwa and Prof Farrington in Swakopmund, while Prof Farrington and Dr Kupangwa presented another paper of theirs at the Southern African Institute of Management Sciences in Pretoria, namely  “Value transmission:  Socialisation agents in the context of indigenous Black  South African business families”.  All three of these papers were part of Dr Kupangwa’s doctoral research which was on providing a  framework for transmitting and entrenching values in indigenous Black South African family businesses.